Sunday, January 29, 2012

Raspberry balls

I got a lovely cookbook as a gift for Christmas. It is called "Mouse in the Soup". The cookbook was written by Canadian food bloggers back in 2006. There are a lot of delicious meals and desserts in it, but one particulary caught my eyes.

It was called: Bombs from a Strawberry Tree by Mijo, who is by the way still an active food blogger. She started her blog 7 years ago. Its's called "I am cooking".

As I only had raspberry syrup my bombs are rather from a raspberry bush. :)) Still it is a very-very easy dessert to make.


20 db lady fingers
3 teaspoon raspberry syrup
5 dkg butter
powder sugar

First you have to grate the lady fingers, or alternatively - as I did - put them in a food processor and you could be done in a minute. Then melt the butter on small heat. Pour the butter and the syrup on the lady fingers and combine them with a fork. Finally, put the mixture in the fridge for an hour.

When ready, make small balls and roll them in powder sugar. Voilá. The raspberry balls are ready to eat.

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