Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cookies for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I was sure that I wanted to make heart-shaped cookies, but I did not know how to make them special.

I have come across Ali Bee's Bakeshop before, where I saw this amazing technique: "Brush emboidery". Here is a super video tutorial from her. So I decided I gave it a go.

The cookies are again danish tea-biscuits I used for the baby shower cookies, but this time I tried the Wilton recipe of royal icing I found in the meringue powder box. :)))



293 g powder sugar
2 tablespoon meringue powder
6 tablespoon warm water

First combine all ingredients with a food processor or stand-blender on a low speed for 7 minutes. Then take a hand-held blender and combine them at the highest speed for an additional 5 minutes.

If ready, I add some water until I reached Sugar Belle's 20-seconds icing. The icing was perfect for flooding, but not so perfect for the petals. My solution was that I piped one petal and waited like 30 seconds to let them a little bit to dry before I brushed them. I definitely need a lot of practise, but I am really proud of my first attempt. :)))