About Me

Dear Visitor, 

My name is Emese Maczkó. The blog is called "A Bear's Pastry Workshop" as my surname in Hungarian means Bear. I know. I know. I could have been more creative. :))))

I am a Hungarian, although I'm living in Luxembourg since September 2011. I am working as a tax advisor, but in my free time I like to bake - almost everything. I love cake decorating too and after I came across the blog of "The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle" I got addicted to cookie decorating. 

I am absolutely at rookie level. Most of the time I just follow a certain recipe word by word that I found in cookbooks or on other blogs. Of course, I always try to form it to my taste, but the main goal is to learn and learn and learn and practice and practice and practice. 

I can't wait to hear about you. Love all comments. :)))


P.S: I have been blogging in Hungarian since October 2011 and the translation of the posts to English is in progress. Until that if you want, check out my Hungarian blog