Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TWD 1 - Pizza loaves

I got very excited when I opened to book and put it on the cupboard. It is time. Time to start.

I was also very nervous as yeast doughs are not my outmost favorite. Based on my previous experience (garlic-cheese crescents and mini chocolate rolls) yeast dough is among the harder ones. I usually bake tart dough, but challenge is accepted.

I only made one loaf as for a household of two, two almost 1 kg loaves would be just too much. So I used half from everything and it still turned out to be good and tasty.

With kneading and rising I had  - this time - no problem. I almost enjoyed it as the dough turned out to be very flexible and did doubled its size after 50 minutes during the first rise. I enjoyed kneading thank to my brand-name kitchen treasure, a  11*20-inch silicone mat that I substituted my old wooden cutting board with. It worked amazingly, no sticking, no need for extra flour. I loved it. So I probably figured out that I did the second half of the kneading with hands.

I also bought a silicon loaf pan, but I wasn't that satisfied with that one. Basically, because it has not kept its form and during the second rise the dough rose towards the sides and it cracked during baking. That's why I ended up with a beveled loaf (see picture).

As every bakes in TWD started to be so creative, I also started thinking how to make these loaves more special. I saw some post with cinnamon or chocolate swirls, even one with pesto mozzarella. As my husband asked me to bake a salty loaf, I came up with the idea of pizza loaves. Of course, with home-made tomato sauce.


INGREDIENTS (for 1 loaf)

140 g (small can of) condensed tomato puree
10 dkg grated cheese (type per taste)
2 cloves of garlic, mashed
2 tablespoon oregano
1 teaspoon olive oil

Mix all ingredients, except cheese, together. Brush the rolled out dough evenly and sprinkle it with cheese. Fold as per the recipe and it is ready for the second rise. Next time, tough, I would roll it up to get real swirls, but I was shy this time and did not want to deviate from the recipe.

The loaves were amazing. You can find the recipe here.


  1. I would have never thought of that!!! Love how they turned out, I'll have to try!!!

  2. I love the pizza loaf idea. I'll have to keep it on reserve for next time.

  3. I'm surprised you had issues with your silicone loaf pan. I've been using mine for years and I absolutely love it, partly for the fact that the loaf comes out more rounded than traditional in shape, but I've never had bread bake up unevenly like that. You might give it one more try before you get rid of it; it could have been a total fluke. (And I, too, adore my large silicone mat--so much easier to store than a large pastry board!) I love the pizza bread idea! I'm adding it to my inspiration board immediately.

  4. Pizza loaf is a great idea! This dough was a dream to work with. Welcome to TWD, glad your baking with us!

  5. Pizza loaves sound quite delightful and very creative! Looking forward to more of your inspirations for BWJ.

  6. Such a creative take on this! Looking forward to many more TWD creations.

  7. Thanks very much for the nice comments. I try to live up the expectations next time too. :))))))

    Tierney - I will give it another try for the loaf pan. I saw in so many posts that loaves turned out nice hence the silicone pan.