Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TWD 10 - French Blueberry Cake

This week's TWD recipe should have been French Strawberry Cake, but I could not find nice strawberries in the shops any more. I am sadly to announce that the strawberry season in Luxembourg is officially over. :((((

Therefore, I made the original génoise recipe, but I made a blueberry cream of my own. :)))

The génoise was a very interesting dough to make. It reminded me of the Hungarian "piskóta", which the google translates it as sponge cake.

I started with - of course - cold eggs, as I did not pay attention that it had to be at least room temperature. So I came up with a special solution. Poured hot-hot water into a large basin and put my mixing bowl in it and continued with mixing the eggs with the sugar. It turned out to be prefect. :))))) I looked odd though. :)))

Previously, I tried a Greek yogurt cream recipe, which I did not really liked and I was not in a mood to try it with the sour cream, so I came up with my own cream recipe.


200 g blueberry
250 g mascarpone
2,5 dl heavy cream
2-3 teaspoon sugar

Mix all ingredients with a hand-held mixer. It is more than enough to cover and fill an 8-inch two-layer cake.

As this was a whole cake and not a chocolate one, it took 4-5 days for me and my husband to eat it. Of course, some friends did helped in the process. :))) If you keep it in the fridge, it is still perfect after 4-5 days. Some tips though:
- cover it as it will absorb all odors from the fridge :))
- if the cover touches the top of the cake it will push the cream until the cake and the top 0,5 inch will be soaked and wet. :))

To avoid the above problems, one solution is to eat it right away. :)))

For detailed description, picture tutorial and precise ingredients click on Sophia's (Sophia's Sweets) or Allison's (Think, Love, Sleep, Dine) blog.


  1. What a great substitution, we don't have strawberries either anymore so I used apricot jam instead!

  2. That cake looks beautiful and tasty. We don't have local strawberries in Virginia any more, so I used imported (from California).

  3. Hey.. you're on after a long time.. and i love blueberries.. and this looks great!!!

  4. Your frosting looks lovely. Anything with mascarpone works for me!

  5. Beautiful variation! Love your frosting recipe, too... will definitely have to try it soon! :)

  6. The blueberry mascarpone sounds delicious! Good thinking to come up with something that works for you.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments. There were a lot happening in the past two months. I tried to keep it up with you guys. :))) Last but not least I already miss the strawberries.

  8. I like your blueberry version! I ended up using cherries - couldn't get strawberries worth putting in this lovely cake :-)

  9. At first, I thought you had made a blueberry-lavender cake, with the speckles being lavender... Looks good either way!

  10. I like the speckled cream! Very pretty.

  11. Hi Emese, thank you for having visited my blog.
    I love the idea of mascarpone and blueberry.
    Yummy cake!