Thursday, May 17, 2012

TWD 8 - Pecan Sticky Buns

I do not really know whether it is good to start this with saying that at every step I asked myself: "Why the hell did I even start with this recipe?" Until I tasted it. :)))

I thought that yeast-dough will be the hardest for me, but the brioche dough definitely tops it. At least with the yeast-dough if you knead it for enough time, it will come together and would not stick. This dough was sticky during the WHOLE time. :))) Of course, the result makes me forgot how long was it to make, although I do not really know when will I have so much time again.

To make matters worse, my hand-held mixer broke down. :))) I did not get desperate though as I read that some of the other bloggers did kneaded it by hand. But it was very hard. It was sticky all the time :))))

The buns turned out to be very delicious, but don't count how many calories does it contain. As otherwise, I will never taste it.

Just a hint: for 7 (!!!) buns you need more than 250 g butter. Of course, you need all, as the butter is the key to have this croissant resembling pastry.

These video is a must to watch before starting. It will make everything a lot easier (especially not native English bloggers :))) In the video Julia Child and Nancy Silverton (the baker who contributed this recipe to BWJ) shows it step by step.

Other interesting thing: I have a LOT of time to wait. At first 30-40 minutes for the sponge, then 2 and half hours for the first rise. After that 4-6 hours (or preferably overnight) in the fridge. 30 more minutes right after rolling and 45 minutes right after filling also in the fridge. Before baking you need again 2 hours for the second rise. You will not even notice the 35-40 minutes baking time at the end. :)))

For the recipe visit Lynn at Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat) or Nicole at Cookies on Friday.


  1. I agree that this was deffinitely time consuming but so good!!!!

  2. All that time to make these, but so quick to eat them :-)
    Great job!