Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Macarons" from Namur

I have been planning to try the MACARON for 2 months now. Yes, macaron with all capital letters, as a pastry shop cannot be called a pastry shop if it does n't sell macarons.

I have been waiting because it is such a small cookie (1 inch in diameter) and still costs more than 1 EUR (1.5 USD).

I've heard before about Namur as the best pastry shop in Luxembourg. And when I was in the city center looking for a book store and suddenly bumped into Namur.

Well, guess what happened next. :))))

The sortiment was amazing. It gave me a hard time to choose. Finally, I picked strawberry, chocolate, nougat and blackberry.

Macaron is actually made of meringue, sugar, almond and food coloring. It is very light and crispy. The filling can be anything fruits, cream etc.

Making a macaron is another question. They say you have to be precise e.g. you have to count how many times stir it. The most famous macaron confectioner is the French Pierre Hermé, and the most famous pastry shop (apart frm his) the French Ladurée.

Back to the macarons. After arriving at home I googled it and it turned out that the "macarons" I brought were not macarons, but luxemburgerli. Recalling it, in fact, the display did say luxemburgerli. The difference is that luxemburgerli is much more lighter and airy compared to French macarons.

The strawberry and the blackberry were amazing, as they had an awesome jam filling. The chocolate and the nugat was very creamy, not that buttery taste I was afraid of.

I have to say I could only eat 2 at a time as macarons / luxemburgerli are quite heavy cookies. 

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