Friday, November 25, 2011

Tasting Pandoro, the Christmas pastry of Verona

It has been a week since all I see in the supermarket is the huge boxes of pandoros and panattones. I came across them a couple of year ago, but I haven’t tried either of them. First, because they are really HUGE, like it is for a family of min. 10 people and second, because they are ready-made and ready-made pastries taste – for me – artificial.

So, I was very sceptical. This weekend, however among the huge boxes I found a little, only 100 g box. The manufacturer – of course – stated on the packaging that this is the best Italian pandoro. So what else a food blogger should have been done? Yeah, I bought it. :)))

I googled pandoro before I opened the box. Well, I know most of you would google it before you buy it, but it was too late. :)))

Pandoro is a typical Christmas pastry in Verona. It is very light and has a sweet, lemon-like taste. Based on the recipes I found it seems that pandoro is somewhere between soufflé and yeast dough. It is a soufflé in a sense that egg white should be whisked separately before adding to achieve this fluffy, light result. It is a yeast dough as yeast should be added to raise the dough.

Pandoro is a real dolce vita (“sweet life”) as they serve pandoro with whipped cream or ice cream and they drink champagne.

So here comes my tasting experience. The pastry was in fact light and fluffy as if I am eating a marshmallow. It was not too sweet, but did tasted it like lemon a bit. A small packet of vanilla sugar was also in the box to sprinkle it on the pandoro. I really loved it. It didn’t taste like artificial at all. Maybe it was the best Italian pandoro for real. :)))

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