Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Clause Cookie

I needed the following:

- royal icing (piping and flooding),
- sugar pearls,
- Wilton #2 and #16,
- piping bag,
- red food colouring,
- toothpick.

Step 1: Outlining the hat. I used a red piping icing to outline the hat. Here you can see that I baked the Santa Clause cookies a little bit longer than I should have been. The sugar cookies are not supposed to be brown.

Step 2: Flooding the other parts of the hat and the beard. I tried to decorate here with a star-shaped icing tip, but the consistency of the icing was not good enough, so you cannot see its shape. :)))

Step 3: Flooding the hat and piping the eyes and the mouth. I flooded with red the hat and piped a small white for the eyes. Then I dropped a sugar pearl for the eyes and piped the mouth.

(I only realized during writing this post that Santa does not have a nose. Maybe next time. :))))

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